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Back in 2011, Prof. Matti Nykter, the head of a bioinformatics group in Finland, had been collaborating for years with a broad spectrum of life science research groups. More and more scientists had seen the value of creating and validating their hypotheses with microarray and sequencing experiments. With ever more accessible omics experiments, but scarce bioinformatics professionals, research groups struggled to understand their data. Prof. Nykter saw that most of these scientists would actually benefit more from working with a bioinformatics contract research organization rather than relying on scientific collaboration alone, and decided to found a commercial bioinformatics contract research organization (CRO) to set a new standard in providing bioinformatics help to scientists.

A new way for doing bioinformatics

A bioinformatics contract research organization combines the best parts of academic collaboration, hiring a bioinformatician and using a company’s services.

We set out to create a new model of how life science researchers can access bioinformatics resources. Much like commercial and core sequencing service providers have done for acquiring omics experiments, we want to offer same level of service with the data analysis. To sequence their samples, teams do not have to buy a sequencing instrument first, and to analyze the data, hiring people or collaborating should not be required either. We set out to develop a bioinformatics contract research organization model which would surpass collaboration, recruitment and commercial software in speed, quality and cost-effectiveness.

The key point in our projects is that we assemble an optimal team of professionals to integrate with our clients’ teams, and leverage our bioinformatics infrastructure to deliver the greatest impact with the least amount of time. The effectiveness of our CRO model is validated daily as we work globally with pharmaceutical industry, medical diagnostics, medical technology, and industrial biotechnology companies. Besides companies, supporting basic and translation academic research groups remains our focus and source of latest science for our business development.

Genevia Technologies / Bioinformatics contract research organization CRO

It's my personal mission to enable all life science researchers take full advantage of their complex data.

Matti Nykter
Matti Nykter CSO, co-founder Genevia Technologies Oy

CSO - Matti Nykter

Professor Matti Nykter is our Chief Scientific Officer as well as the head of Laboratory of Computational Biology University of Tampere, Finland. He is a computer scientist turned early to bioinformatics allured by the possibilities to apply machine learning and signal processing approaches to biological data. In his academic research he continues to collaborate extensively with top research groups in Finland and and the US, and was awarded a Finnish Centre of Excellence in Tumor Genetics Research with distinguished oncology research groups in University of Helsinki. His academic passion is to develop new computational methods to interpret and integrate omics data sets which he wants to disseminate globally to companies and academia through Genevia Technologies. In addition to providing the company with the latest methods and skilled graduates, Matti oversees the scientific quality in our R&D and client projects.

CEO - Antti ylipää

Antti founded the company with Professor Matti Nykter in 2011 while working toward his doctoral degree in computational cancer genomics and systems biology. Being a bioinformatician collaborating extensively with cancer researchers, Antti developed an understanding of how to best help academic researchers use latest bioinformatics methods to publish high-impact research. Today his passion is to expedite all biological research globally by means of introducing high-throughput experiments and cutting-edge bioinformatics to academia and industry. Antti spends best part of his days discussing with our clients to help them use bioinformatics to publish and develop their products and services, as well as optimizing our bioinformatics contact research organization business model to become ever more efficient service provider.

Partner - Klaus Breitholtz

Our business specialist Klaus keeps the business part of the company running. Klaus holds Master's degrees in both International Business Management and Industrial Engineering, which he admirably combines with industrious attitude and social aptitude for creating additional value to the clients perfectly complementing our science team. He was head-hunted to the management team early on to make sure our financial resources are used optimally to the benefit of our own and our clients' scientists. As both an industrial engineer and entrepreneurial economist, he enjoys working in fast-paced high-tech industry to develop agile and innovative business strategies.