How to start collaboration with a CRO

Genevia Technologies is a bioinformatics consulting company that offers data analysis as a service for industry and academia. We at Genevia were recently ourselves acquiring services from outside professionals and learned that especially the start of the process is challenging. We were faced with questions like: How to contact the right companies, how to get your message to the right people, and how not to receive quotes of services you may not need?

In the process, we learned that discussion is the key to success. We had a talk over Skype or face-2-face with each potential service provider and described our wishes to them. They were all professionals in their field and very motivated to help us. We learned that having a 30 minute Skype call with each service provider taught us much more than we would ever have learned in the same time from web sites. And what happened to our fear that the service providers would try to sell us more than we actually want? It wasn’t a problem at all. The service provider would just find the set of services that suit best our needs. And discussion was actually the walk we took together to achieve this goal.

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Nowadays people are actually willing to have long-term collaboration relationships rather than short fixed-priced projects. Therefore each sellers’ and buyers’ interest is to start open discussion and together plan what is really beneficial to start with. Later on it is easier to expand the collaboration when both the seller and the buyer know better what to expect.

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Genevia’s team of bioinformaticians is specialized in highly customizable data analysis projects that can include combining high-throughput data from all measurement platforms, integrative analyses, and modeling. Our core competence is in next-generation sequencing data analysis.

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