Genevia - Would you like your next bioinformatics project ready-made?

Have you ever struggled with not knowing how to analyze your large-scale data from for example next-generation sequencing experiments? Or considered that you could not perform such experiments as your team lacks analysis tools, a bioinformatician or suitable collaborators? Would you be delighted to hear, that these are actually not true obstacles?

Indeed. By getting in touch with Genevia team, you can get bioinformatics research professionals to assist you in all the aspects of your next large-scale data analysis project. From Genevia you get analysis services tailor-made as one well-defined project that has one clear timetable, one responsible project leader, and one price.

Genevia team can help you from the very beginning of experimental design, through data analysis and visualisation, to written project reports. All the result tables and figures we provide are also easily reusable in publications. Need for additional consulting from specialists after reviewing your results?

Genevia Technologies is a Finnish bioinformatics consulting company that offers services for industry and academia. We have 6 years’ experience of the business and even wider experience of international bioinformatics research and publications. Our bioinformatics team is specialized in highly customizable data analysis projects that can include combining high-throughput data from all measurement platforms, integrative analyses, and modeling.

Feel free to contact us to start planning your next project in collaboration.

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