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We like to think that there's no better place for science savvy people to be than at the forefront of both research and product development.

How would you feel publishing ground-breaking science one day, and developing life-changing biotech products using that same science the next? We offer a unique viewpoint into everything that's happening in life sciences today, and endless opportunities to challenge yourself while working with leading global companies and research groups. Sounds cool, right? We certainly think so.

Living in Finland

If high quality of life is what you are looking for, you've come to the right place. Finland ranks number one in Best country for expats, Employee-friendly working hours, Skill development at work, Greenest country in the world, and not to mention the Happiest country in the world.

As a worker in Finland, reliable and extensive welfare benefits, including our National Health Insurance, enable you to fully concentrate on your work, and on your free time, without having to worry about your well-being. Low corruption and low hierarchies at workplaces attract technological innovation and international talent in Finnish companies, and there's no need for learning our language -- we all speak English here!

To make sure you have the best possible work-life balance, our national labour laws ensure you get plenty of paid holidays, and that you are covered with paid sick leave as well. You and your loved ones will enjoy living in a clean and safe environment with access to free high-quality education and affordable child care among other perks that our not-that-high taxes will provide.

The Finnish nature and outdoor activities are world-renowned and ever changing according to the different seasons so you will never get bored living and working in Finland.

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Working in Tampere

Tampere used to be the main heavy industrial hub of Finland that shed its skin to become a bustling ICT hub filled with engineers and other highly educated professionals with English widely spoken everywhere.

Today, Tampere is the second largest urban hub in Finland with metro area population of around 400 000 people, yet with affordable housing available in the city centre, suburbs or the rural countryside. Tampere University and the other local academic institutions cater to more than 30 000 college level students making Tampere a youthful and energetic place to study, work and have fun.

The city center is lodged on a narrow isthmus between two beautiful lakes, and forested ridges meander throughout the peaceful suburbs before turning into fields and forests peppered with hundreds of smaller lakes. The ubiquitous Finnish lakeland district nature combined with pronounced seasons provide ample opportunities to relax by hiking and swimming in summer and by sking and skating in winter, all within a walking distance from wherever you decide to live. Yes, really. Finding your perfect work life balance here is easy; and whenever you need an extra boost, there are more than 30 public saunas to choose from in the sauna capital of the world.

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As a family man, I appreciate the strong focus on healthy work-life balance at Genevia. As for living in Tampere, I really enjoy the easy access to the beautiful Finnish nature and services such as high-quality child care and education.

Felipe SimaoScientific Project Manager


We're always on the look for post-doc level scientists with solid bioinformatics expertise. Looking from both my positions as Genevia's Chief Scientific Officer and a Professor at Tampere University, I see Genevia as the perfect career bridge between academia and industry.

Matti NykterChief Scientific Officer, Professor of Bioinformatics


I really enjoy the strong team atmosphere at Genevia which is exceptionally rare since I am working fully remotely from Tallinn.

Maria LiivrandChief Research Officer

Open positions

To support our growth, we are looking for bioinformatics professionals, especially with the profiles listed below. If you think you'd be an asset to us working on an area not mentioned below, please send us an open application.

We are on a mission to create the best place in the world in which to work on bioinformatics. For technology specialists we think this means that you will be working with, and developing, the best bioinformatics tools to use in infinitely varying projects and applications. For business development, management and technology sales professionals this means creating new ways of working in technology and exposing yourself daily to new research areas, companies and technologies.

For every team member, we offer an interdisciplinary team of multinational colleagues, a chance to tailor your job description to your liking, participation into the decision-making process, a competitive salary, and flexible working hours. Last but not least, you can opt to work remotely wherever you are, or join us in our office in a historic building with a large terrace overlooking the city. We have a fully equipped kitchen and dozens of restaurants within few blocks for having a more refined lunch, or afterwork, with your team mates.

Scientific Project Manager, Single-Cell Bioinformatics (PhD)

We are looking for a senior bioinformatician experienced in single-cell data analysis for a remote or local Scientific Project Manager position.

The Position

Genevia Technologies is seeking an experienced bioinformatician to assume a leading role in various single-cell and spatial omics research projects for our clients in academia and industry.

As a Scientific Project Manager, your responsibilities will include:

  • Planning custom, state-of-the-art data analysis workflows with our clients.
  • Executing the planned analysis, data integration, visualization, and/or modeling tasks.
  • Delivering analysis results of publication quality and providing interpretation to clients.
  • Collaborating with the clients to prepare academic publications.

You will have the option to work remotely within a European time zone (or from our office in Tampere, Finland).

Our clients are scientists utilizing a wide range of omics technologies to address biological research questions in fields such as oncology and to develop new products, including therapeutics.

We require

  • Post-doctoral research experience (having managed a bioinformatics team is a significant advantage).
  • Familiarity with the analysis of various omics data types (single-cell RNA-seq analysis experience is required, spatial transciptomics experience is a plus).
  • Proficiency in implementing bioinformatics workflows in bash/R/Python within an HPC environment.
  • A solid understanding of one or more areas of biology (e.g., cancer biology, immunology, genetics, or neuroscience).
  • Experience in collaborating with experimental and/or clinical scientists and co-authoring omics-intensive applied research papers.
  • Enthusiasm for learning both biology and new technologies.
  • Proficiency in science communication (oral, written, and data visualization).

How to apply

Please submit your application through this Google form

You will need to add a CV. Please make sure the CV contains your publication list or a link to e.g. Google Scholar.

The application deadline is November 23rd, 2023. The job will start as soon as possible.


This position is ideal for an academic bioinformatician looking to transition into a senior role in industry while remaining deeply involved in life sciences and bioinformatics research.

Learn more about joining our team:

For further inquiries, please contact Klaus Breitholtz at +358 40 747 7672 or .

Open application

Want to work with us, but didn't see your dream job in the profiles? Please send us an open application where you describe how you would create value for our clients!

Please send your application to and let's figure out together what the best possible next step in your bioinformatics career could be.