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We like to think that there's no better place for science savvy people to be than at the forefront of both research and product development.

How would you feel publishing ground-breaking science one day, and developing life-changing biotech products using that same science the next? We offer a unique viewpoint into everything that's happening in life sciences today, and endless opportunities to challenge yourself while working with leading global companies and research groups. Sounds cool, right? We certainly think so.

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Open positions at Genevia Technologies

To support our growth, we are looking for bioinformatics professionals, especially with the profiles listed below. If you think you'd be an asset to us working on an area not mentioned below, please send us an open application.

We are on a mission to create the best place in the world in which to work on bioinformatics. For technology specialists we think this means that you will be working with, and developing, the best bioinformatics tools to use in infinitely varying projects and applications. For business development, management and technology sales professionals this means creating new ways of working in technology and exposing yourself daily to new research areas, companies and technologies.

For every team member, we offer an energetic team of colleagues with interdisciplinary backgrounds, a chance to tailor your job description to your liking, the possibility of traveling to meet our clients globally, participation into the decision-making process, a competitive salary, flexible working hours, and an office in a historic building on the main street of Tampere.

Bioinformatics Project Manager

Genevia Technologies´ Production Team is looking for a Bioinformatics Project Manager who is a molecular biologist with a passion for providing bioinformatics services to research groups in the academic and industry sectors.

About the role

“We want to grow our team with the best talent, people who want to keep developing themselves continuously. Through our customers, our employees get to see and do things that even the university environment cannot provide. If you want to see what working at the sharpest edge of bioinformatics and life sciences looks like, come work with us,” says Genevia’s Business Development Director Klaus Breitholtz.

You are offered

  • Exceptional opportunity to gain bioinformatician experience that is hard to find elsewhere

  • Multicultural team and great colleagues

  • Company with a small hierarchy and good work life balance

  • Good promotion opportunities

  • Modern office space with a sauna and big terrace

Job duties

As a Bioinformatics Project Manager, you work in close cooperation with professionals from several fields. You are responsible for the everyday management of projects, including scheduling, and planning the scientific content of the projects together with the customers and Genevia’s tech team. You also ensures that work tasks are completed on schedule and everyone has an appropriate workload for each day. Communicating with customers and developing the operational practices of the company is also an important part of your duties.

As a Bioinformatics Project Manager, your most important responsibilities are:

  • Planning the required bioinformatics workflow with clients

  • Specifying analysis tasks to production bioinformaticians together with bioinformatics experts

  • Interpreting and reporting analysis results to the client’s team, and an assortment of other client-facing tasks

You understand the client’s scientific goals and you are able to communicate with bioinformaticians to translate those goals into detailed analysis tasks while also balancing available internal resources, budget and client expectations.

We are looking for

  • Master degree in Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering or Molecular biology (PhD is seen as advantage)

  • A solid understanding of bioinformatics, biotechnological methodology and all the different application areas ranging from biomedical research to botany, omics data types and typical analysis workflows

  • Strong communication skills – you are able to talk to all kinds of researchers, both within your own team and on the customer’s side.

Previous work experience

The position would be ideal for a molecular biologist who wants to work in science management and communication, but also to remain firmly within the research realm of life sciences.

  • You are familiar with standard computational methods for omics data analysis, such as how to ascertain the quality of an experiment, statistical testing, as well as the specialized computational tools of the trade, such as genome alignment, genome assembly and annotation, SNP calling, peak calling and pathway analysis.

  • Genevia’s clients are working in different fields, from microbiology, to plants and animals, to biomedical applications, such as immunology or cancer. We don’t expect that you are an expert in all areas, but you will have enough base understanding to be able to quickly grasp the essence of the clients’ research questions.

  • If you have work experience in publishing molecular biology research with a bioinformatics component, or have worked in a service core laboratory, for example, you are already quite familiar with the responsibilities.

  • As a person you are:

  • Result-oriented and detail-oriented

  • Able to see the big picture and you enjoy the role as a coordinator

  • Enthusiasm to learn new biology and technology, and develop your expertise and help the customer succeed in their research

  • Other information

  • Start: August or according to an agreement

  • Work extent: Permanent position

  • Our selection process is continuous, and the advert may close before the recruitment process is completed if we have moved forward to the screening or interview phase.

  • Location: Hämeenkatu 14, 33100 Tampere

  • Contact information: This recruitment process is conducted by Academic Work. All questions regarding the position is handled by Academic Work


Open application

Want to work with us, but didn't see your dream job in the profiles? Please send us an open application where you describe how you would produce value for our clients!

Please send your application to Enable JavaScript to view protected content. and let's figure out together what the best possible next step in your bioinformatics career could be.