Alastair Maxwell

Bioinformatician, System administrator

Alastair is a bioinformatician with a background in both biological and computational sciences. Before joining Genevia Technologies, he spent time working on a high-throughput sequencing-based automated Huntington Disease genotyping software pipeline at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. During this project, he worked with many facilities around the world, including collaborating with EMBL-EBI in Cambridge, UK. Previously, he developed his interest in Bioinformatics during his master’s degree project, studying both at home in Scotland and abroad at Keio University in Japan.

He has experience in a wide range of bioinformatic tenets and enjoys employing all of them to develop software to communicate complex problems in concise ways. If there is a hardware or software problem, Alastair is sure to know the answer.

Alastair Maxwell

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