Alexandru Voda

Scientific Project Manager

Alex has worked with pretty much any type of omic data one can think of. His doctorate at the University of Oxford (UK) focused on integrating single cell RNA-sequencing with GWAS datasets in order to better understand immune traits and diseases (with a focus on Crohn's and ulcerative colitis).

He has long experience developing new statistical methods, new packages in R and in other languages as well. For years, Alex has trained in data structures, algorithms, machine learning methods and other such nerdy topics. However, he is not solely a computational scientist:

Before his doctorate at the University of Oxford, Alex did a lab-based undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Manchester. He has also worked for a year in a C. elegans laboratory at the University of Nevada (US), where he helped uncover circular RNAs that accumulate during aging.

Nowadays, outside of working hours, you can find him at a hackathon, regenerative medicine conferences or at a snowboarding session (wink-wink, Finland & GeneVia Technologies).

Alexandru Voda