Anni Kivinen

Business Development Associate

After seeing the world while spending two years of high-school in Denmark with a later exchange semester in Canada, this future bioinformatician joined our pre-sales team in August 2020.

Before Genevia, Anni worked in a computational biology research group as a research assistant. She contributed to several projects and worked with TCGA and IGCG data while learning more about data analysis and various bioinformatics tools. Anni is now in her second year of bioinformatics master’s studies and is eager to learn further about scientific research and the wide range of fields in which bioinformatics can be applied.

While gaining more and more knowledge about bioinformatics, she’s in the right place helping our business thrive from inside the pre-sales team. An always-smiling, natural team player, Anni is able to get the social interactions of the day while developing her bioinformatics expertise.

Anni Kivinen

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