Dimitris Konstantopoulos

Scientific Project Manager

Dimitris is a bioinformatics researcher with a background in computer science and strong data analysis expertise in biomedical sciences. He has been collaborating with molecular biology laboratories for the last 10 years in research projects involving a range of different types of next-generation sequencing data.

At the time of his PhD studies at BSRC "Alexander Fleming" in Greece, he developed data analysis algorithms to decipher the role of active transcription and chromatin dynamics in human cells during disease perturbations. Integration of ChIP-seq, RNA-seq, GRO-seq, CAGE-seq, ATAC-seq and other NGS-based assays enabled him to study the kinetics of RNA Polymerase II in cells recovering from genotoxic stress induction.

During his postdoc research, he has also acquired a deep specialization in conducting single-cell studies, by integrative analysis of multimodal scNGS data, including gene expression, chromatin accessibility and spatial transcriptomics assays. He has particular expertise in the detection of dynamic changes in cell subpopulations, driven by gene regulatory programs in disease and normal conditions.

His devotion to work in interdisciplinary environments and his passion in offering his scientific expertise to support biological research led him to the Genevia Technologies team.

Dimitris Konstantopoulos