Eveliina Taimela

Business Development Associate

EVELIINA is a biotechnology and biomedical engineering student at Tampere University. She is studying tissue engineering in major and based on her interests also industrial engineering management in minor. Eveliina just finished her bachelor’s degree and now she is starting master’s degree in biomaterials. She has experience in cell culture laboratory work when she did a bachelor thesis in research group. She has also worked as a salesperson in an international environment and has been active in the guild’s board as event and freshman responsible.

In Genevia, she works in the customer interface of the bioinformatics services sales team. Eveliina is a positive and energetic person who enjoys taking new challenges. She has often filled her calendar full of events and different hobbies, so she loves to organize everything in advance. When she has a day off, you will probably find her walking in the woods listening to music.

Eveliina Taimela


Bioinformatics for drug development