Felipe Simao

Scientific Project Manager, R&D manager

Felipe is fascinated by the potential of bioinformatics to further biological research. He has a background firmly rooted in bioinformatics and vast experience developing robust pipelines for analysing omics data. Beyond mere software development, during the course of his PhD studies he had the chance to become a one-man genomics team, designing and executing de novo genomics and metagenomics experiments “end-to-end”. He is experienced in working with, and integrating, the various facets of omics research, such as genomics, transcriptomics and metagenomics, in order to extract the maximum amount of meaningful biological information present in the data.

As part of your team here at Genevia, nothing will give him more satisfaction than helping you realize the true potential of your experiments by being an efficient interface between you and our technology team.

Felipe Simao


Bioinformatics for drug development