Henry Barton

Scientific Project Manager

Henry joined the team at Genevia from academia, bringing his enthusiasm to tease apart bioinformatics headaches for colleagues and collaborators with him. He is at home discussing others’ research objectives and puzzling out the best bioinformatics solution to their problem. He especially loves writing innovative code and visualising data.

He has a background in population genetics, having spent his PhD at the University of Sheffield using genomics data to investigate the contribution of mutation, selection and gene conversion to the genome evolution of great tits and fruit flies. He then left the UK to apply his skill set to Finnish Atlantic salmon populations at the University of Helsinki, looking for evidence of balancing selection in their genomes.

When not constructing pipelines at the computer you may find him cycling in a forest, diving in flooded mines or engrossed in a book!

Henry Barton


Bioinformatics for drug development