Jane Pulman

Director of Bioinformatic Operations

Jane is a bioinformatician with a background in both bioinformatics and software development. Before joining Genevia Technologies she spent time in both industry and academia working with a diverse range of research groups. She has experience in most areas of omics research including transcriptomics, genomics and metagenomics as well as experience in SQL databases and novel pipeline creation. She particularly enjoys creating bespoke analysis workflows to help researchers answer interesting and novel biological questions.

She has a background in plant science with a PhD in functional and comparative genomics working on alkaloid production in varieties of Daffodils. She furthered this experience as a core bioinformatician in the plant science department of Michigan State University. She then moved on to work in pathogen research with the EuPathDB project.

She hopes to use her experience of working on multiple projects in different fields here at Genevia to help our customers achieve the most from their data.

Jane Pulman

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