Venla Kiminki

Content Specialist

Venla found her passion for creating high-quality content for various web platforms after gaining experience in marketing & finance within the IT industry. She automatically pays attention to the small details that contribute to the company's tone of voice and is very focused on creating meaningful content to support the company’s image. Nothing gets her more excited than writing, and analysing how strongly the target audience resonates with it.

Venla is also finalising her bachelor’s degree in biotechnology at TUNI; since high school, she has had a huge interest in which molecular changes make us healthy and which lead to disease – and how to study them. Combining the biotechnical background with the desire to deepen her expertise in marketing, she fits Genevia like a glove. She is here to do her bit to help Genevia reach its fullest potential.

Venla Kiminki

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