Vidal Fey

Bioinformatician, System administration

in his Bioinformatics career, Vidal has always endeavoured to bridge the gap between the biological and the computational side of a Bioinformatics task and make the analytical aspects of a project more accessible to the project members with no computational background. Being a biologist by education, he has sidestepped into the field of Bioinformatics when he moved to Finland after completing his doctoral studies in Germany.

Vidal has worked as data analyst and Bioinformatician at the University of Turku as well as VTT before joining Genevia where he has gained experience in analysing biomedical data obtained from various organisms and with multiple measurement technologies. He has taken a particular interest in streamlining analysis tasks by setting up automated pipelines, and helping users interpreting results visually by means of interactive, web-based interfaces.

Vidal Fey

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