NGS data analysis service

Research projects involving next-generation sequencing require careful planning, sound computational methodology, and concise reporting. Our NGS data analysis service is designed to ensure that each phase is conducted to the highest scientific standards.

We help companies and university research groups turn their ideas into concrete project plans and measurement strategies. We can also assist in finding the best NGS service provider to match your needs.

The main focus of our NGS data analysis service is on the computational analysis of genome-wide data, with emphasis on tailored downstream analysis, interpretation and result visualization.

Some typical analyses are outlined in the Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, and Other Data sections of our website. Also, take a look at the typical workflow in the panel on the right to learn more about our NGS data analysis service.

We think research services should be personal – you will be in direct contact with the bioinformaticians working in your project.

Kaisa-Leena Aho
Kaisa-Leena Aho Project Manager Genevia Technologies Oy

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  • 1) Initial meeting Discuss your bioinformatics needs with an expert
    • Our NGS data analysis service begins with an initial meeting to discuss your research and specific needs. The aim is to suggest a bioinformatics project plan that may or may not include acquiring sequencing measurements, depending on whether the data are already available or not. We strive to find a tailored solution that provides the best value for you.


      • To get to know your new partners
      • To find out how we can help you
      • To give you a bioinformatician's perspective on your project
  • 2) Project plan Get a step-by-step project plan tailored to your needs
    • After determining the project goals at the initial meeting, we draft a step-by-step plan of the measurements and analyses required to reach the set goals. We send you the project plan along with a quote for the NGS data analysis service, including the schedule and costs, in order to initiate discussions on starting the project. The project plan can be then revised in a way that includes the best possible solution for your project.


      • To refine abstract ideas into a concrete project
      • To eliminate misunderstandings and aligne our expectations
      • To enable an accurate estimation of time and cost for the project
  • 3) Measurement plan Make sure you get the data that will answer your research questions
    • If next-generation sequencing measurements are needed for the project, measurement planning will be included in the NGS data analysis service. This usually consists of both experimental design and cost analysis (detailed in the consulting section). The planned measurements may either be acquired by you using our plan, or by us if that is more convenient. Utilizing our experience in acquiring NGS measurements, we search our global network of sequencing service providers for the ones providing the best combination of expertise, speed, and cost.


      • To find the most cost-efficient service provider for you
      • To prevent setbacks due to poor planning
      • To make it easier for you to acquire the data
  • 4) Next-generation sequencing Send the isolated DNA or RNA, get back the sequence data
    • The samples are shipped to the selected sequencing provider for sequencing. If the measurements were acquired from us, we take care of all communication, logistics and paperwork with the provider.

      Turn-around time:

      • Within 10 weeks for most projects, depending on:
        • Selected provider
        • Sequencing type
        • Number of samples
        • Sample material
  • 5) Quality control Make sure the data are of sufficient quality for downstream analyses
    • The computational part of an NGS data analysis project begins with running a comprehensive panel of quality control analyses to ensure the integrity of your data. In addition to technical quality, we will also ascertain the biological success of the experiments to make sure all samples and replicates can be used in the statistical analysis.


      • To identify samples of low biological quality (i.e. not the cell type or organism expected)
      • To identify poor sequencing experiments
      • To allow for statistical analysis with the best possible output
  • 6) Analysis Bioinformatics tailored to producing results in the exact format you need
    • In order to transform your raw data into results that you can use directly in a publication or an internal report, we will design and implement a custom analysis pipeline. For a better idea of some types of data and analyses involved in the NGS data analysis service, please take a look at the examples listed in the Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, and Other Data sections of our website.

      Turnaround time:

      • Will vary depending on the level of customization needed
      • Approximately 2 months for a typical project
      • Projects with little customization can be completed in less than 4 weeks
  • 7) Results review We will interpret the outcome together and make sure that you can use the results
    • In order to make sure that you have achieved the results you wanted and more, we sit down with you and carefully explain what we did and what the results mean. In cases where you need additional work, in a different format, or done in another way, any part of the analysis can be reworked after the discussion.


      • To make sure you understand every result
      • To verify that everything was done in line with your expectations
      • To enable any final modifications before closing the project
  • 8) Project report All the documentation you need in order to publish the findings
    • Reporting and discussing the outcome with you is the last and perhaps most crucial step in our NGS data analysis service. We present the results to you and send you a project report with detailed method descriptions and results in tables, figures, and files, including the raw and intermediary data in any format you need. In addition, we will answer any questions you have on the results for as long as you want after project completion.


      • To document the project in detail
      • To enable sharing of the details with all stakeholders
      • To make it easier for you to publish the results

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