Genevia Unlimited Quote Request

Genevia Unlimited Pilot is a service plan that provides you with a team of bioinformaticians for consulting, analysing omics data, and generally helping your team to meet and exceed their own deadlines and requirements.

  • Personal bioinformatics team
    To match the requirements of your project, we pick the most suitable experts from our science team of 10+ people, including molecular biologists, bioinformaticians, data scientists and more
  • PhD-level project manager
    Your project manager will help you understand all the results and suggests further analysis options in regular teleconferences
  • No one-size-fits-all analysis
    All our pipelines are adapted to your data and research questions
  • Active communication
    See the most recent results in weekly teleconferences, and ask our experts at any time
  • Quick turnaround time
    Leverage our pre-existing analysis pipelines and software to minimize delivery times
  • Unlimited computing
    No extra fees for local computing, faster cloud computing options available upon request
  • Experiment design
    Unless the data is already generated, we help you define optimal sample sizes, technical parameters and providers for omics measurements
  • Data analysis design
    We plan a bioinformatics workflow to match your data and research questions
  • Quality control, data processing and custom downstream analysis
    We allocate a sufficient amount of FTE analysts to provide you results in an expedited fashion
  • Data integration
    Gain deeper insight into your biological system by combining different data types

Bioinformatics unlimited pilot for academic clients €14,900 / $16,300 for 10 week period