New master's thesis team memeber

Meeri Pekkarinen, a Master’s student in bioinformatics, has begun her master’s thesis together with the Genevia bioinformatics team. Genevia offers bioinformatics analysis services for both industry and academia. Genevia’s core competence is next-generation sequencing data analysis.

Meeri’s project is focused on analysis methods for single cell RNA (scRNA) sequencing data. The aim of this thesis is to compare the most promising available methods and to construct a generalized pipeline which will be tested and evaluated with public scRNA-seq datasets.

In recent years, single-cell measurement technologies have greatly advanced and offer a new approach to the study of cellular gene expression. While traditional RNA sequencing results in an average transcriptome that represents a cell population, scRNA sequencing records the transcriptome of unique cells. The scRNA sequencing methodology provides extensive new possibilities, such as analysing single tumour cells in a tumour mass, or understanding fundamental characteristics of gene expression such as gene co-expression or gene regulatory networks. However, scRNA-seq data analyses, especially data normalization and quality control, still require further research and establishment of state-of-the-art analysis methods.

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