The Minions of Genevia

Genevia’s main focus is to offer the best possible analysis service for researchers around the world and performing that task requires a variety of inputs. One of them is sales support, where life science specialists work in close contact with bioinformatics experts to help spread the word of bioinformatics support.

A senior sales support member, Aleksandra, is providing a sneak peek into this role. “About a year ago, I was finishing my Master’s Degree in Biotechnology and was in the hunt for a position with an intercultural environment. I was eager to learn more about the life science industry and obtain work experience from outside academia. I stumbled across Genevia’s job ad, but was hesitant to apply at first. To be honest, I was unsure of what Business Development Associate even means,” Aleksandra recalls.

“The thing I most enjoy about being at Genevia is the variation in my day-to-day work! It consists of using and setting up new web-based tools, learning about new research institutions and studying novel applications of sequencing technologies. In the pre-pandemic world, I was actively involved in planning trips. We currently maintain contact with researchers online, so meeting arrangements take hardly any effort.”

From a one-man position into a team with diverse backgrounds

Initially, Aleksandra provided sales support on her own. As the goals of the company grew, it was natural to expand the support team. The team has since been reinforced with bioinformatics students Anni and Anniina as well as Julius, who is about to graduate in industrial engineering. They work seamlessly as a team to set up communication channels with prospective clients, contribute to visual and marketing content, refine current practices and organize afterwork activities for the Genevia team.

“On the one hand, our tasks are well defined, but on the other hand, there is a lot of freedom in how we go about reaching our goals. I am happy to receive plenty of support to pursue my visions, and in difficult times Antti and Klaus from the management team are always there to help. This position does not require any experience in bioinformatics analysis, but a dash of interest toward data analysis helps me understand the value we bring to our clients and keeps me motivated!” says Julius.

Lately, the team has been working hard to eliminate any routine tasks they can think of. Much of the facilitation is powered by modern tools specifically designed for sales workflow automation. The purpose of automation is to be in touch with clients precisely when they need Genevia’s help. “It is almost like coding, except we do not work with numbers or write any code. We only get to do the fun stuff, namely problem solving and testing,” says Anni, describing her experiences of setting up automation processes.

Klaus provides management support to the team. “I really appreciate the variety of backgrounds we now have in our sales support team. With people from biology, bioinformatics, and business, we can approach issues from different perspectives and provide everyone with tasks that fit their background. We are also very flexible in terms of working practices. Every day we get to enjoy both brainstorming sessions together and in-depth focusing on individual tasks,” Klaus summarizes.

untitled_001.jpegOne day, a snowman Herbert rose on our terrace thanks to a combined effort of the Sales Team (Anni, Klaus, Julius, Antti and Alex) and the Tech Team (Adrien, Thomas and Jane). Photo credit: Jane Pulman.

The sales support team is currently looking for an enthusiastic life science expert to help us spread the word of accessible bioinformatics support.
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