We are the informatics service provider of choice for companies across the industrial life sciences. Let us assemble a dream team of bioinformaticians, data scientists, programmers and project managers to drive your data intensive R&D projects.

Genevia Technologies - your partner in bioinformatics

Are you looking for a lasting solution for all your data analysis needs? Or just a temporary extension for your in-house bioinformatics team? In either case, we provide.

We work with big and small pharma, industrial biotechs, diagnostics companies and medical device developers by providing the latest know-how and workforce for handling, analyzing and interpreting large biological and clinical data.

Our team — spanning experienced professionals from molecular biology to data science and project management — loves nothing more than tackling challenges calling for both sound statistics and understanding of the underlying biological phenomena.

Instead of assembling a bioinformatics team from scratch, why not save time and money by contracting a full, immediately available team?

Our work and customers

OUR customer PORTFOLIO comprises life science companies, large and small, as well as academic institutions all over Europe and the U.S. The experience accumulated from working with such a diverse clientele manifests in our understanding of the various business models and research questions across the fileds of biotechnology. Our work has resulted in a customer base and publication record that we are proud of. It is more likely than not that we have worked with a team similar to yours! Read more

About us - the bioinformatics company

Contract our team as your personal bioinformatics core laboratory and get the level of bioinformatics support your project deserves.

Genevia Technologies is a privately held Finnish bioinformatics company established in 2011. Contracting our services provides our clients with easy access to the latest next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics methods. We have assembled a diverse team of bioinformatics professionals, and our projects are fully customizable to all omics-related research projects. Our head office is located in Tampere, Finland, and we actively operate in Scandinavia, Central Europe and North America. Read more

Genevia Science

Our service is all about providing access to the latest data analysis methods and insightful bioinformaticians. As new measurement platforms churn out ever-growing heaps of data, the science of bioinformatics changes and broadens at a speed no single analyst keep pace with.

Our approach is to maintain a growing team of bioinformaticians with complementary skill sets and personal responisibilities to never stop learning. Here we have listed the most common modes of service and analyses through which our customers have access to the combined experience of our team. Read more

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Antti Ylipää
Antti Ylipää CEO, co-founder Genevia Technologies Oy
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