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Launching: Virtual Bioinformatics Core

For over 80 universities and research institutes, our service model has proven to be a fast and flexible option for securing continuous bioinformatics support.

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Our new Virtual Bioinformatics Core service is designed to make it easier for research groups to access just the right amount of bioinformatics support, with minimal paperwork or gaps in service.

For a montlhy fee, you have access to anywhere from a quarter to multiple full-time equivalent (FTE) bioinformaticians, depending on your needs.

The contracted time may be allocated to any bioinformatics work, including data analysis, consulting and training.

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The service is provided by our experienced postdoc-level scientists.

End-of-year offer 2022

As an end-of-year offer, we provide the Virtual Bioinformatics Core service at a discounted rate.

  • first month at a 50% discounted rate
  • all months prepaid before the end of 2022 at 10% discounted rate

Note that these discounts

  • apply for contracts made before the end of 2022
  • can be combined with our standard 20% academic discount.

Pricing example

  • Academic research group
  • Generates 2-3 NGS datasets yearly
  • Needs continuous service for data analysis, result interpretation, and support in preparing manuscripts and grant applications.
  • Purchases 0.25 FTE (standard rate of 5,990 € / month)
  • Receives 20% academic discount
  • Receives an additional 50% discount for first month
  • Opts to pay first three months in advance, receiving an additional 10% discount for those months

The figure below shows the combined effect of these discounts.

Our service is designed for scientists who want easy access to just the right kind of bioinformatics expertise. Watch the video to learn how it works.

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