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Treat yourself to a bioinformatically stress-free 2022!

Secure your bioinformatics support in advance to get the best prices!

To celebrate the nearing end of yet another inspiring year of discovery with our customers, we want to offer you an option to save on next year's bioinformatics expenses.

For every purchased bioinformatics support project (excluding software development), you are eligible for receiving an extra 20% on top of the contracted time for no additional charge. To qualify for the campaign offer, all you have to do is

  1. decide how much support you want, and
  2. pre-pay the project within December 2021.

In addition, academic researchers will receive our standard academic discount.

A pricing example

The costs of our Research Service Plan consists of

  • 5,990 € / USD 7,290 per month (4,792 € / USD 5,832 with the academic discount) and
  • a flat 1,500 € / USD 1,750 project management fee.

5 months of bioinformatics support thus totals

  • 31,450 € / USD 41,350 or
  • 25,460 € / USD 30,910 with the academic discount.

With our +20% end-of-year deal, this becomes 6 months of service for the price of 5 months. For a customer eligible for the academic discount, this constitutes a saving of 4,792 € / USD 5,832.

Our customers typically value extra bioinformatics support for:

  • taking a deeper dive into your data set for unexpected discoveries
  • integrating different types of data to the analysis for that extra impact
  • leveraging public data sets to validate your findings
  • having us train your team on essential data analysis skills
  • consulting for future experiments, analyses and grant applications

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For all the wonderful research teams we have had the privilege of working with this year, Genevia Technologies' team wishes a joyful end of 2021 and a refreshing start of 2022!

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My bioinformatics team is eager to help you speed up your genomics projects. Data analysis is not a bottle neck if you allocate enough bioinformatics resources in good time.

Prof. Matti Nykter
Prof. Matti Nykter CSO, co-founder Genevia Technologies Oy

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