End-of-year campaign

A small gift to help you secure sufficient bioinformatics support for 2020

Buy four months of bioinformatics as a service, pay for three

To celebrate the nearing end of yet another exciting year of discovery with our customers, we offer an opportunity to save cash on next year's bioinformatics services.

For each four months of our Research, Multiomics, Software or Enterprise services purchased in December 2019 and prepaid in total before February 2020, we only charge for three months.

Purchasing four months of bioinformatics as a service instead of three allows for

  • analysis of larger data sets,
  • integrating additional data types to the analysis,
  • integrating additional public data sets,
  • additional training to help your team learn essential data analysis skills,
  • additional help in planning future experiments, analyses and grant appilcations,
  • ...and nearly any other bioinformatics work you can think of!!

Or, why not secure a full 12-month bioinformatics support with the cost of just 9 months?

Upon purchase, you do not have to specify which consecutive months of 2020 you wish to use the service, but the sooner you request a project start date, the likelier it is we are able to start just then.

This offer replaces our standard extra benefit for prepaid services (10% extra service hours per month), which applies again for services purchased after this campaign.

This offer can be combined with our 25% academic discount.

Learn more about our service plans

For everyone we have had the privilege of meeting, working and publishing first-class research with this year, Genevia Technologies' team wishes a joyful end of 2019 and a refreshing start of 2020!

To take advantage of this campaign benefit, just describe your needs briefly in this contact form.