Acquired bioinformatics services now by credit card

Our clients have been asking for an option to purchase bioinformatics services by credit card to get away from additional internal bureaucracy in their end. We are happy to announce that from now it's possible. While talking to the project with our experts, let them know you would be interested about the credit card payment and they are happy to make it possible for your project.

Many organizations require generating purchase orders or formal offer request processes when purchasing service with an invoice or with a wire transfer. Often when buying by credit card those steps are not required or the process is much easier to take care of.

Genevia has got multiple new clients over the summer 2021 and we have been actively getting new knowhow and experience to our team from machine learning to genomic analysis.. If you want to secure phd level bioinformatics professionals help with your next generation sequencing data analysis or other bio-it related projects, don’t hesitate to contact our experts to ask for more. Asking for a quote is always for free of change and our experts are ready to consult and teach you to get advantage of the latest technological opportunities.

If you are looking for an analysis plan for your next generation sequencing data or other project, contact us by using the analysis plan form.

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