Genevia Enterprise Quote Request

Comprehensive bioinformatics support for companies and academic institutions

  • Personal bioinformatics team
    We build you a team with biology, statistics and data science expertise to match your needs
  • PhD-level project manager
    Your project manager will help you understand all the results and suggests further analysis options in regular teleconferences
  • No one-size-fits-all analysis
    All our pipelines are adapted to your data and research questions
  • Quick turnaround time
    Leverage our pre-existing analysis pipelines and software to minimize delivery times
  • Unlimited computing
    No extra fees for standard computing, faster cloud computing options available upon request
  • Training included
    Part of service hours can be used to teach your team essential bioinformatics skills
  • Flexible payment options
    Pay monthly or pre-pay to get 10% extra working time for free
  • -25% academic discount
    For academic customers who agree to being our public reference and acknowledging us in ensuing research articles (authorship not required)
  • Satisfaction guarantee
    If you are not happy with us, you may terminate the service at any point, and we will not invoice the current or any following months
  • Suitable for organizations with multiple teams in need of bioinformatics support
  • May include data analysis, software development, consulting and training
  • Service provided for 12 months with a yearly extension option
Academic discount

By requesting the academic discount you agree to being Genevia Technologies' public reference and acknowledging the service in ensuing research articles (authorship not required)