Learn how a research group at the University of Turku found a solution for their recurring bioinformatics needs for ChIP-seq data analysis.


Riku Kiviranta’s research group at the University of Turku was running continuous ChIP-sequencing experiments in order to study changes to chromatin structure, and needed a quick and consistent analysis service for each new batch.


We custom-designed a bioinformatics pipeline that inferred the binding sites for each individual sample, and were able to run the pipeline for each new batch of samples on short notice.


For each new batch of samples, the group gets consistent analysis results enabling them to easily interpret the epigenetic changes with regards to previous samples.

I initially chose Genevia as my bioinformatics collaborator based on my colleague’s recommendation. Since then, we have worked on multiple projects together. I value their customer-centric service model, speed and most importantly, solid scientific competence of their data team.

Riku Kiviranta Principal Investigator University of Turku

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