Data analysis tutorial

Genevia helped us to learn how to analyze RNA-seq data. We found Genevia team to be extremely professional, helpful, and easy to communicate with. Because we were new to the subject, we had a lot of questions, but they answered all of them. It really reminded us of scientific collaboration more than working with a commercial vendor. We are 100% happy with the project.

Ant Genetics Group University of Oulu


The Ant Genetics Group at the University of Oulu had sequenced ant mRNA and wanted to analyze the data themselves. In order to speed up the learning process they needed the support of a bioinformatics collaborator.


We analyzed their data, and provided them with a step-by-step tutorial which included all the computational tools used, discussion on the parameters and their effects, and full scripts with which to repeat the analysis.


The group was able to repeat and modify the analysis by themselves. Furthermore, they are now equipped with tools and instructions to analyze future RNA-seq data without external help.

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