Learn how large datasets can be easily shared and explored with a web-based platform.


Hannu Uusitalo’s ophthalmology research group at the University of Tampere utilizes large epidemiological datasets to study correlations between visual functions, health, quality of life, and lifestyle-related patient data. The data however was heterogeneous, incomplete, and distributed in a way that made it difficult to explore and analyze without a coherent database and graphical user interface.


We processed and integrated the datasets, deposited them into a database, and linked it to an online interactive data exploration platform that we designed and developed to match the research group’s exact needs.


The researchers can now easily access all of their data from multiple locations using a web browser. The data exploration tool allows effortless generation and confirmation of any hypotheses based on the accumulated patient data.

Genevia team designed us a custom software to explore our epidemiological data. We were very happy with the result.

Hannu Uusitalo Professor University of Tampere

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