Learn how a research group uncovered time-wise gene expression patterns.

I initially chose Genevia as my bioinformatics collaborator based on my colleague’s recommendation. Since then, we have worked on multiple projects together. I value their customer-centric service model, speed and most importantly, solid scientific competence of their data team.

Riku Kiviranta Principal Investigator University of Turku


In their study of bone formation, Riku Kiviranta’s research group at the University of Turku had sequenced osteoblast transcriptomes during their differentiation stage. Being a molecular biology group, they were in need of an academic-level bioinformatics collaboration in order to analyze and publish their results.


Using our expression analysis pipeline, we identified genes with concordant differentiation stage-dependent expression patterns and linked them to signalling pathways and cellular functions by using enrichment analysis.


The resulting figures and method descriptions enabled easy drafting of the key sections of the manuscript.

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