Learn how the genetic modification of a disease model was validated.


Professor Dan Holmberg’s research group had established a transgenic animal model for generalized inflammation and fibrosis. Even though the model exhibited the desired phenotype, they had not been able to pinpoint the exact location of the transgene or map the genome-wide off-target effects of the inserted sequence.


We developed a framework for discovery of the transgene location using both single-end and mate pair DNA-sequencing. RNA-sequencing data was used to uncover any unwanted effects and to quantitate the transgene component expressions.


The research group was able to successfully utilize the provided structural, copy number and location information regarding the transgene, and the effects of the integration to global gene expression patterns in their research.

Good bioinformatics is a constant need in our line of research. Being biologists we clearly need collaborators in this area. We have a very good impression of our interactions with all the people at Genevia. Particularly we appreciated the professionalism and speed in providing offers, results and answers to specific questions.

Dan Holmberg Professor, Chairman of the Board Lund University, InfiCure Bio AB

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