We help biomedical scientists succeed in their pursuit of new discoveries and exciting products. Typically our focus is in the data analysis and interpretation part of the project, and length of the project ranges from quick analysis of a data set to long-term scientific support. Read more below about project and analysis types we often recommend.

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THE NECESSITY TO MAKE DISCOVERIES in complex life science research is establishing partnerships between professionals in diverse fields. Long gone are the times when scientists could work efficiently without using commercial products and services. As with laboratory equipment and reagents originally, and omics experiments later, bioinformatics has now matured to a level where it is difficult to succeed using internal resources only.

We believe that succeeding in a complex omics research projects requires collaborating with a service-oriented bioinformatics team rather than any single person or software. This is why we have developed a service model tailored to helping life scientists succeed — we call it Bioinformatics as a Service.

Bioinformatics services

Our bioinformatics team's mission is to help life science researchers dealing with large amounts of biological data, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray or proteomics data sets. We provide support at every stage, from experiment design to publication of the results, or to a completed product. Read more

Bioinformatics analyses

We apply best-practice analysis methods for testing hypotheses or exploring large data sets, and even develop new methods if necessary. Next-generation sequencing data is the focus of most of our projects, but we do also continuously encounter other biological data types. Read more


OUR NEW CUSTOMERS come to us primarily through referrals from previous ones. This means that customer satisfaction is our first priority. Based on our experience, making a customer happy — not to mention exceeding their expectations — requires not only scientifically sound analysis and a rapid turnaround, but clear, honest and frequent communication. Read more

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