Cost analysis of sequencing


Roal Oy was preparing extensive RNA-sequencing experiments for identification of novel commercially valuable enzymes. They wanted to generate the data cost-effectively and needed to optimize the experimental design as well as find a reliable sequencing provider.


We designed the relevant experiments together with the client and, using our network, matched their requirements with vendors providing sequencing services.


The client avoided common pitfalls in experimental design, got the right amount of high-quality data enabling enzyme discovery, and made significant cost savings with careful planning.

Genevia helped us to bring RNA-seq experiments in our R&D pipeline. By contracting this work, we were able to better focus our internal resources and still learn about sequencing and bioinformatics. We found that the Genevia team flexibly adapted to our requirements during the project.

Marja Paloheimo Senior Research Scientist Roal Oy

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