Bioinformatics consulting


The bioenergy research group at the University of Turku was studying cyanobacterial genomics using genome and transcriptome sequencing. They wanted an external bioinformatics collaborator to assist them in solving specific data analysis issues.


We consulted the researchers conducting the analysis via teleconferences and face-to-face meetings at the pace that they needed. During the consulting sessions, we discussed their current issues and common caveats and suggested solutions that they could try out themselves.


Without the need to recruit senior bioinformaticians, the research group were able to take full advantage of NGS data and bioinformatics tools, while also learning new methods in the process.

We were in a need of a bioinformatics collaborator to advance the analysis of our cyanobacterial NGS data. Genevia Technologies provided us with flexible consulting on bioinformatics issues arising in our project. I appreciated the manner in which the project was executed, and would recommend Genevia to other academics.

Fiona Lynch Postdoctoral Researcher University of Turku

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