Next-generation sequencing has transformed molecular biology, enabling highly parallel and systems-level studies that scientists could only dream of a decade ago. Our bioinformatics consulting service is aimed at helping you plan your first NGS project or writing a grant application with a strong omics aspect.

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Making discoveries in life science research requires partnerships between professionals in diverse fields. Long gone are the times when scientists could work efficiently without relying on commercial products and services. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) experiments are usually outsourced to a specialized facility. Similarly, NGS data analysis has now matured to a level where it is difficult to succeed using in-house resources only.

We provide bioinformatics consulting not only in the analysis phase of omics projects, but already when you are planning the experiments and analyses. The planning phase is the most important one, and greatly defines what, if anything, can be done later on in the data analysis phase. Especially for securing research funding, a solid measurement and bioinformatics plan — or lack thereof — is what often seals the fate of a grant application.

Bioinformatics consulting for planning NGS experiments

Consulting our field experts in planning your next NGS project makes everything easier for you: you get to focus on generating interesting hypotheses while we

  • decide on the best measurement platform to match your samples and research goals,
  • estimate the right amount of samples and replicates to enable statistically sound analysis,
  • find an optimal sequencing service provider,
  • plan the bioinformatics workflow for analysing the data, and
  • write the bioinformatics part of your grant application.


OUR NEW CUSTOMERS come to us primarily through referrals from our current ones. This means that customer satisfaction is our first priority. Based on our experience, making a customer happy — not to mention exceeding their expectations — requires not only scientifically sound bioinformatics consulting and data analysis, but clear, honest and frequent communication. Read more

Frequently asked questions about our bioinformatics consulting service:

  • Do you have experience working with researchers in my specific field?
    • It is likely. Our bioinformaticians come from a range of backgrounds from plant science to cancer genomics, and our customers throughout the years span almost every corner of the academic and industrial life sciences. While every research project is unique as a whole, we have probably dealt with data sets, analyses and research questions similar to yours. Upon discussing a project with you, we do want to let you know more about our experience with similar projects and customers.

  • Do you require authorship in resulting publications?
    • No. Our customers sometimes ask us to coauthor, and we have been happy to do so, but authorship is never required. It is, however, a good practice to mention us, for example, in the methods section of a paper.

  • If you help me writing a grant application, am I required to contract you if I win the grant?
    • No. We can help you design high-throughput measurements and write grant applications also in the case that you are planning to hire bioinformaticians, for instance, instead of outsourcing the work to us.

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