Summer sale 2020

Enjoy your summer holidays with the rest of the year’s bioinformatics resources covered

Buy four months of bioinformatics support, pay for three

This year we all need to focus on having relaxing summer vacation, and to help in that, we offer an opportunity to secure bioinformatics resources for the rest of the year - with significant savings!

For each four months of our Research, Multiomics, Software or Enterprise service plans purchased and prepaid in August 2020, we only charge for three months.

Purchasing four months of bioinformatics as a service instead of three allows for

  • more in-depth analysis results

  • analysis of larger data sets

  • integrating additional data types to the analysis

  • integrating additional public data sets

  • additional training to help your team learn essential data analysis skills

  • additional help in planning future experiments, analyses and grant applications

  • ...and nearly any other bioinformatics work you can think of!!

Academic scientists can combine this offer with our -25% academic research discount

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