Unlimited bioinformatics support

Try what is feels to have your own bioinformatics team!

Work with your own bioinformatics team for Spring 2020

The next step in our never-ending quest to offer the best bioinformatics service in the world is the unlimited plan. With this service plan, you have access to a team of bioinformaticians to speed up your research for a flat monthly fee. Enjoy predictable budgeting for bioinformatics needs - and the help you need from a team of professionals!

The idea is to offer you the full support of a team of professional bioinformaticians for a fee comparable to the full cost of hiring a single PhD level bioinformatician. By efficiently utilizing our bioinformatics team, computing infrastructure and data analysis pipelines, we believe we can easily provide more bioinformatics support than a lone bioinformatician. Just how much more, we don't know yet. In this pilot, we will provide you with a dedicated project manager who works with you in your current effort with the full support of our tech infrastructure and science team. Our internal aim is to measure the full-time equivalents (FTEs) needed to exceed the research output of a single full-time bioinformatician.

We are looking for two more pilot customers for a ten-week period starting within April. During this period, we aim to provide you with all the bioinformatics support you need before you go on holidays, which may include:

  • Consulting on grant applications, manuscripts or designing and acquiring NGS experiments
  • Analysis of any NGS-based data sets
  • Integration of data
  • Drafting figures for publication
  • Writing manuscripts

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In the pilot phase, we offer this service plan at a 50% discounted price of 14,900 EUR or (16,300 USD) for the 10-week intensive period.

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