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Better science with professional bioinformatics services.

Our bioinformatics team's mission is to help life science researchers dealing with large amounts of biological data, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS), microarray or proteomics data sets. We provide support at every stage, from experiment design to publication of the results (in the case of academic projects), or to a completed product, in the case of commercial projects.

Our bioinformatics-as-a-service (BaaS) model gives our clients access to the latest bioinformatics methods, implemented by a professional bioinformatics team. This translates into high-quality science, delivered at a pace not easily matched by in-house bioinformaticians or academic collaboration. Through years of experience in working with top university research groups and life science companies, we are proficient in just about all types of biological big data and applications.

Here below are selected clients. The full list of our public references can be found in our work page.

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Thomas Liuksiala
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BaaS - Bioinformatics as a Service

We are here to get your bioinformatics done!

The development of our bioinformatics-as-a-service model started when the founders of Genevia Technologies still worked in a bioinformatics core laboratory in Finland. New commercial microarray and NGS service laboratories meant that large number of biology research groups were gaining easy access to biological big data.

At the time, there was no easily available access to commercial data analytics. Most research groups were hesitant to hire a bioinformatician, because of the costs and the risks involved, so they would opt for academic collaboration. Publishing collaboration papers is how we originally learnt about different fields of life science, and the different needs of each type of research group.

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Bioinformatics project

Remove the bottleneck between your data and publication of your results with our bioinformatics service for NGS data analysis.

A next-generation sequencing data analysis project, whether aiming towards a publication or an internal report, requires careful planning, sound methodology, and concise reporting.

We support companies and university research groups in turning ideas into concrete project plans and then implementing them, therefore ensuring that their data are used to their full potential.

Our focus in this bioinformatics service is computational analysis, but we will also support you in interpreting and reporting the findings as well. Typical data types and analyses are described in the Genomics, Transcriptomics, Epigenomics, and Other Data sections of our website.

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Bioinformatics on-going support

Get advice and support through our bioinformatics service, designed to drive your projects with computational expertise.

Are you managing projects involving bioinformatics? Do you need extra hands every now and then? Our solution for you is a dedicated bioinformatician, who works in direct contact with your team. An extra tight schedule? We’ll provide you with an entire team. Never miss a deadline again.

Taking advice from field experts is never a bad idea. In fact, we believe it can save you a lot of time and money. Let us explain what your options are when acquiring bioinformatics consulting services from Genevia Technologies.

If you have an on-going need of extra support, we provide on-going bioinformatics support for you and your team.

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Is the bioinformatics service the best option for me?

A whole team of bioinformaticians and biotechnology professionals at your service.

Years of experience in working with life science research groups both in academia and industry form the basis of the bioinformatics service that our clients enjoy today. We ensure that the experimental protocols are designed in a way that enables robust downstream analysis of the data. Our past projects have resulted in an extensive collection of validated analysis pipelines in almost every imaginable application, making the delivery of results fast and reliable.

In addition to pipelines, we have spent years in implementing project management and quality assurance procedures that optimize the use of computing hardware and bioinformatics software resources. It is important to us for you to feel that you are communicating and collaborating with the fellow scientists that we are.

We think research services should be personal – you will be in direct contact with the bioinformaticians working in your project.

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Kaisa-Leena Aho Project Manager Genevia Technologies Oy


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