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Our service is designed for scientists who want easy access to just the right kind of bioinformatics expertise. Watch the video to learn how it works.

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Omics data analysis

We analyze omics data from sequencing, array and mass-spec experiments

DNA sequencing data analysis

DNA sequencing enables identifying mutations, assembling genomes and studying genetic variation in populations of any species.

We analyze DNA sequence data from whole genomes, exomes, sequencing panels, SNP arrays and metagenomic experiments.

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RNA sequencing data analysis

Transcriptome-wide expression analyses are the standard approach to study molecular mechanisms in biological systems from single cells to complex microbiomes.

We analyze data from bulk RNA-seq, single-cell RNA-seq, small RNA-seq and a range of other transcriptomic measurements.

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Single-cell RNA sequencing data analysis

Single-cell RNA sequencing enables cataloging cells at a scale and resolution unmatched by bulk sequencing.

We analyze single-cell RNA-seq data and integrate datasets across technology platforms, data types (including scATAC-seq), and species.

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Epigenomic data analysis

Epigenomics characterizes the chromatin state down to minuscule chemical modifications.

We analyze most types of epigenomic sequencing and array data to gain deeper understanding of gene regulation and to identify biomarkers for diseases.

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Proteomic and metabolomic data analysis

Proteomics and metabolomics reveal the functional state of a biological system.

We perform pathway and biomarker analyses on protein and small molecule MS data.

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Every time I spoke to Genevia, I had a lot of questions that needed clear and accurate answers. It was very satisfying to receive incredibly patient explanations. The communication was faultless! Essentially, the project was a common journey to evolving the data, with a lot of learning on both sides, as Genevia poured in their own ideas while accommodating inputs from our side.

Vikash Reebye
Vikash Reebye Principal Scientist MiNA Therapeutics

I don't have to worry about bioinformatics, because I can leave that to professionals. at the same time, our scientists have learned a lot about bioinformatics and it's possibilities.

Tuija Kekäräinen
Tuija Kekäräinen Research Director KCT

I was looking for a partner to validate and improve an algorithm that aims to identify the optimal combination of cancer therapy for each patient by assessing clinical data. The collaboration with Genevia’s team has gone without any challenges. Their response time is short, they are easy to communicate with and provide high-quality machine learning expertise.

Giuseppe Masucci M.D. Senior Consultant, Professor Dept. of Oncology-Pathology, Karolinska Institutet

Genevia’s bioinformaticians do not assume every biologist knows how to program. Instead, they were very generous in explaining their workflow and in educating us. With Genevia Technologies, I do not need to compromise my standards of communication, quality, or speed. I tried hard to think of any improvements for Genevia’s services, but I came out with none. That probably says it all.

José Pedro Gil Associate Professor in Molecular Pharmacology Centre for Malaria Research, Karolinska Institute

We found ourselves in a real need to identify a bioinformatics partner, as experienced bioinformaticians are like gold dust. Since we started collaborating with Genevia, bioinformatics has no longer been a bottleneck, but the exact opposite. The Genevia team truly understands our research goals to the point where they are able to suggest the best analysis options tailored to our needs. The collaboration is working perfectly, we are genuinely satisfied with Genevia.

Agate Noer Senior Researcher Oslo University Hospital

Our FastEV project seeks to develop and commercialize an innovative biomarker discovery platform based on extracellular vesicles. Genevia provided us with combinatorial analysis of multi-omics data, and we have already learned so much from the data in less than two months.

Maija Puhka Head of R&D, FastEV project University of Helsinki

Genevia helped us to bring RNA-seq experiments in our R&D pipeline. By contracting this work, we were able to better focus our internal resources and still learn about sequencing and bioinformatics. We found that the Genevia team flexibly adapted to our requirements during the project.

Marja Paloheimo Senior Research Scientist Roal Oy

Our own bioinformaticians had their hands full and considering the competitive nature of the field of genetics, I wanted to speed up the analysis process. Genevia delivered what they promised, and more – I was overwhelmed by the quality and usability of the project report. It is easy to call up Genevia when a sudden need for extra hands arises, or in-house knowledge needs replenishment. I can genuinely recommend them to everyone.

Juha Kantanen Research professor, docent Natural Resources Institute Finland, Luke

Genevia helped us validate the molecular characteristics of our cell lines. I found the communication between our respective field experts fluent. They are very flexible and professional, and their business is clearly driven by customer’s requirements.

Jenni Mäki-Jouppila Senior Scientist Pharmatest Services Oy

We were in a need of a bioinformatics collaborator to advance the analysis of our cyanobacterial NGS data. Genevia Technologies provided us with flexible consulting on bioinformatics issues arising in our project. I appreciated the manner in which the project was executed, and would recommend Genevia to other academics.

Fiona Lynch Postdoctoral Researcher University of Turku

We outsourced the bioinformatics component of our project to Genevia team, because we were not sure if we would benefit from recruiting a bioinformatician. I found that communication went smoothly, our collaboration was close and personal, and they adopted their analysis according to our needs.

Filip Stern Next Generation Sequencing Service Manager TATAA Biocenter

I initially chose Genevia as my bioinformatics collaborator based on my colleague’s recommendation. Since then, we have worked on multiple projects together. I value their customer-centric service model, speed and most importantly, solid scientific competence of their data team.

Riku Kiviranta Principal Investigator University of Turku

I really appreciate the regular meetings and being kept up to date and having very easy access to everything, especially the descriptive reports. I also appreciate the project manager Maria Liivrand’s responsiveness and the clarity regarding schedules

Laura Stone Professor University of Minnesota

Genevia goes beyond being a simple service provider, providing the scientific input that is comparable to a top academic collaboration.

Davide D’Amico R&D Group Leader Amazentis SA

Without the help of Genevia team I would not have been able to get my data analyzed at all. I found the collaboration professional, friendly and quite informative for me. Now I can more easily proceed to do further studies.

Ola Røkke Professor University of Oslo

Research areas

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Understand cancer, develop new drugs and personalize treatment with Genevia Technologies.

Our history in cancer bioinformatics is long: we have had the privilege to work with biologists seeking for a deeper understanding of cancer, companies developing new treatments to cancer, as well as oncologists wishing to optimize therapies to individual patients.

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Discover heritable variants and study their effects with computational genetics.

We employ the latest methods in computational genetics to identify clinically relevant variants and to study genetic variation in populations of humans, animals, plants and microbes.

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nervous_system.jpegNervous system

Research into the development, function and pathologies of the nervous system deserves the best bioinformatics support.

Whether you are tracking the development of the brain in mice, studying a neuropathology with iPSC-derived neurons or characterizing the microenvironment of CNS tumors, we ensure you get the most out of your ‘omics data.

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Explore microbial functions, communities and interactions.

How does the genomic composition of microbes affect their functions and cross-species interactions? How can that information be used to discover new treatments or industrial applications?

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Characterize cell types, immune repertoires and mechanisms of immune evasion at the highest resolution.

What are the key cell types that bring about an immune response? How do they develop? How do they malfunction in autoimmune diseases? And how can the immune system be leveraged to treat cancer?

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drug_development.pngDrug development

Discover drug targets, mechanisms and biomarkers with cutting-edge omics data analysis.

Molecular measurements based on next-generation sequencing (NGS) and mass-spectrometry (MS) are routinely used throughout the drug development process.

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