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Our expertise

The benefits of bioinformatics as a service

  • 1) I will have many bioinformatics-related needs in the future; why would it make sense for me to solve them by acquiring services?
    • You might think that hiring is a self-evident answer, and it might be — however, there are few points you should consider: 1) With us you only pay when you need a bioinformatician, rather than paying for recruitment, salary, holidays, overhead, office space, computational infrastructure and software licences every day, to name but a few expenses. 2) If you ever happen to need additional bioinformaticians on a temporary basis, it is easy for us to arrange that. If you only need one for 2 days every second week, that too can be done with our dedicated bioinformatician project. Changing the hours is also extremely flexible. 3) You can easily acquire the experience of a full bioinformatics team with multiple complementary skills through us. 4) You won't have to deal with bioinformatics project management or expert supervision in the case where you are hiring a novice. 5) Hired personnel do sometimes leave for other opportunities; we believe that your acquired know-how is actually safer with us than in the head of one employee.

  • 2) Fine, you do the analysis, but will I learn anything in the process?
    • Yes, you will learn as much as you want. Our projects include data analysis tutorials that provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to repeat everything we did for you - from installing software to ending with the production of the final figures. You can then start experimenting with parameters to understand how they affect the results, for example. Furthermore, we will give you any support you might need while attempting to replicate the results on your own.

Starting the project

  • 1) I might be interested in something you do, how do we start exploring collaboration possibilities
    • It's all quite simple actually - just let us know by sending us a message using the contact form. We'll then schedule a meeting, teleconference, or a phone call to discuss your project and specific needs. After the discussion, we will prepare a quote for you with a suggested project plan, a precise schedule, and a price. If these do not match your expectations, we can always refine the plan so that it meets your expectations fully. All you then have to do is decide if you are interested in acquiring our services.

  • 2) Would you be interested in being included in my research grant application?
    • Bioinformatics is a very rapidly evolving and research-driven field, and in order to keep up with all the technological advances, we do participate in selected high-quality research projects with academic and industry partners. We do expect scientific excellence from the applying organizations and the research plan itself, as well as a significant and novel bioinformatics component. If you have an idea, and you'd like to include us, please let us know and we may be able to help you in drafting the application as well.

About the project

  • 1) Can we modify the project specifications after starting the project?
    • We know that in every science project new ideas can emerge continuously, and you don't have to specify every little detail with us. Something interesting — or concerning — might show up in the data that requires modification of the original plan - this is not a problem. We encourage you to contact your project leader whenever you have an idea or question. They will be happy to remove, modify or add tasks to the project plan for you.

  • 2) How much does all this cost?
    • The cost will depend on how much time the project requires from our side. Over the years, we have put considerable effort into setting up our computational pipelines and processes for quality control, data processing, visualization and reporting. This enables a faster analysis, even though each project will be unique and customized to some extent. These software, computing and project management resources are all worked into the price and are not invoiced separately (unless otherwise explicitly agreed). Before starting a project, we will provide you with a project plan and an estimate of the required time and costs. During the project we will keep you updated on how much time we have used up to that point, and how much we expect the next project step to take. Together, we can prioritize the tasks before and during the project so as to maximize the cost-efficiency of the service. One thing you can be sure of is that you will never get an unexpected invoice from us.

  • 3) How long does it take to complete my project?
    • After accepting our quotation, we have a lead time of approximately four weeks, after which we can work full-time on your project. During the project you might want time to process the intermediary results that we present to you and discuss them with your team and collaborators before agreeing on the next steps with us, which might add to the length of the project. However, it does not add to the cost of the project as long as we are not actively working on it. A typical turnaround time from signing a quote for a service to receiving the final project deliverables is around two months.

After the project

  • 1) What exactly do I get after the project?
    • The short answer is: anything you want. The default option in a research project is a detailed project report consisting of our workflow description, method descriptions, tabular results from statistical tests, and the main results with our conclusions. We can also prepare figures and text for a publication if you need them. If you are interested in a bit of data handling yourself, we can deliver all the data files, analysis scripts and also include a tutorial with them. In a software project the deliverable is naturally the software along with all the relevant documentation. Just tell us what you want and we'll deliver just that!

  • 2) What happens after we conclude a project - any chance you’ll leave me stuck with a report that I don’t understand and all my questions unanswered?
    • We present all our findings to you before we compose the final report in order to make sure that you have understood everything we did, what the results mean, and to ensure that you have received everything you needed. Our intention is to build long-lasting collaborations so that you are never left without the bioinformatics support you need. Therefore, after the end of a data analysis project we can offer our expertise in the form of an on-going support contract to help you with any additional tasks or needs that emerge.

  • 3) Will I own all the intellectual output from my project?
    • Your IP stays where it belongs - with you. We withhold no rights to data or results, and naturally never reveal them to a third party.

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