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DNA sequencing data analysis

Understand the effects of genetic variation and mutations with DNA sequencing data analysis.

DNA-sequencing comes in many forms. Whole-genome sequencing (WGS), whole-exome sequencing (WES) and targeted sequencing enable studying heritable and somatic DNA variants. In addition to NGS data, SNP and CGH arrays can be used to identify genetic polymorphisms and copy-number variants, respectively. Metagenomic whole-genome sequencing of microbial communities allows analyzing their compositions and functions.

We routinely analyze DNA sequence data to address research questions in both basic biology and biomedical settings.

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RNA sequencing data analysis

RNA sequencing data analysis brings to light the intricate mechanisms of gene regulation.

Transcriptome-wide analyses of gene expression are extremely popular among researchers studying gene regulation in biological systems ranging from single cells to tissues and complex microbiomes. RNA-seq data allows for a wide range of analyses to address countless research questions across the fields of biology and biomedicine.

Our experience in RNA-seq expression analyses spans countless biomedical conditions and organisms.

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Epigenomic data analysis

Uncover epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation in development and disease.

Epigenomics characterizes the chromatin state down to minuscule chemical modifications. Epigenetic changes to the DNA and associated proteins affect gene expression and may lead to altered cellular states, including diseases.

We analyze a wide range of epigenomic sequencing data in order to gain deeper understanding of intra-cellular molecular mechanisms and to identify biomarkers for diseases.

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