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Cancer research

Understand cancer, develop new drugs and personalize treatment with Genevia Technologies.

Our history in cancer bioinformatics is long: we have had the privilege to work with biologists seeking for a deeper understanding of cancer, companies developing new treatments to cancer, as well as oncologists wishing to optimize therapies to individual patients.

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Discover heritable variants and study their effects with computational genetics.

We employ the latest methods in computational genetics to identify clinically relevant variants and to study genetic variation in populations of humans, animals, plants and microbes.

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CNS research

Research into the development, function and pathologies of the nervous system deserves the best bioinformatics support.

Whether you are tracking the development of the brain in mice, studying a neuropathology with iPSC-derived neurons or characterizing the microenvironment of CNS tumors, we ensure you get the most out of your ‘omics data.

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Explore microbial functions, communities and interactions.

How does the genomic composition of microbes affect their functions and cross-species interactions? How can that information be used to discover new treatments or industrial applications?

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