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Bioinformatics as a service is a fairly new concept and established bioinformatics companies are few. From the beginning a full decade ago, we have found out that we must create our own standards for what constitutes an excellent — the best, dare we say — bioinformatics company.

A standard-setting bioinformatics company since 2011

Genevia Technologies is a privately held Finnish bioinformatics company established in 2011 in Tampere, Finland. We were founded by a team of bioinformaticians with years of experience in collaborating with molecular biology groups.

Our founding team realized that life sciences were transforming into a data-intensive field, with an increasing range and scale of omics measurements being developed and offered commercially. While the experiments were easily available for all life science researchers, analysis of the generated big biological data sets was not. It was a logical step to assemble a team of the best bioinformaticians, data scientists, software developers and molecular biologists, and start creating a standard for what it means to provide expert bioinformatics as a service to the front line of life science researchers and companies.

Through the years, our bioinformatics company has grown to encompass a diverse team of bioinformatics professionals to enable a fully customizable service for all omics-intensive research. Now, our clients in Scandinavia, Western Europe and North America enjoy te easiest access ever to the latest bioinformatics analyses!

Who do we serve?

Our client portfolio consists of academic research groups all over Europe and the U.S., in addition to some of the largest biotech companies globally. Analyzing omics data for biomedical, and especially cancer research projects is at the core of our expertise, but we also work regularly with basic molecular biology, microbiology, plants and animals. This work has resulted in both an impressive publication record and an accumulation of expertise and insight that is available to our future clients as well.

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Our team

For us, a bioinformatics company is all about the team — the right mix of people with different backgrounds and responsibilities working with an optimized software and hardware infrastructure. To match our clients’ requirements, we need to be able to deliver robust results fast, but also to communicate effectively both internally and externally.

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Working in a bioinformatics company

A Career in a bioinformatics company provides an opportunity to work at the leading edge of biotechnology. Our clients publish great science, study novel pharmaceuticals and develop medical diagnostics and devices. Would you like to tackle these challenges with our clients and join a bioinformatics company with an international team of coworkers in a unique working environment?

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