Do you want to discuss about bioinformatics and learn more about our solution?

Book meeting with our bioinformatics CEO Antti Ylipää by selecting the best time slot for you in Antti's calendar.

The bioinformatics meetings is totally for free and you don't commit to anything. You can also cancel the meeting anytime.

For example the following topics may be cover in the discussion:

  • Your NGS data analysis needs
  • How bioinformatics may get your research project forward
  • How to collaborate with bioinformaticians
  • How to manage & store NGS data
  • Any other bioinformatics & NGS data related topic you would like to discuss

Book the best time for you, desribe your needs shortly, and I will be meeting with you to discuss to get things moving forward! I am bioinformatician from my background and I have worked more than 10 years in the industry helping companies and academic research groups with multiple different bioinformatics and NGS data related challenges.

Antti Ylipää
Antti Ylipää Lead bioinformatician