Genevia makes complex data easy to understand

BD Life Sciences is a segment of the global medical technology company BD, which develops innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics. BD Life Sciences provides software products to researchers in the single cell sciences. In working with massive amounts of complex data, BD Life Sciences has partnered with the bioinformatics company Genevia Technologies.

– We were working with some really complex data, trying to understand the interactome of single cells. It was a huge challenge for us to try to understand that data alone. We needed partners, says Ian Taylor, Director of Product Innovation at BD Life Sciences.

– Genevia helped us immensely in trying to figure out what were the different ways that we could look at the data and how we could piece it together so that we could tell a coherent story among disparate pieces of information.

Fast and efficient data analysis

– Genevia is providing us with bioinformatics expertise and producing different figures and data representations, including new plots and figures that we can utilize in our software.

Ian Taylor chose to work with Genevia, because he knew the quality of their work to be excellent. He’s been satisfied with his decision in more ways than one.

– The benefit of utilizing Genevia services as opposed to hiring somebody fresh out of the field is that they require very little spin-up time and they can work very quickly as soon as they get the data, Taylor says.

– They were producing results for us on a weekly basis, if not daily.

Complex concepts made simple

In addition to getting the results they were looking for, Taylor says communication with Genevia has been effortless.

– They are very fast to respond to any questions that we have and they’re happy to break things down into simple language that we can understand, even if it gets into very complex mathematic concepts.

Taylor says he’s been extremely impressed with all of the expertise provided by the Genevia team, which is also the reason they’ve kept working together since 2015.

– The partnership has been super productive. We’ve learned a lot in working with them.

– The researchers at Genevia are able to help us better understand this complex system. It’s nice to have a trusted partner we can rely on.

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