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Kuopio Center for Gene and Cell Therapy (KCT) is a research centre in Finland that performs applied and translational research on gene and cell therapy. Genevia Technologies provides KCT with bioinformatics data analysis. It has been an invaluable asset in their work.

KCT compared the different service providers and Genevia came out as the best choice. The reason was that other companies only offered the bioinformatics software, whereas Genevia offered a whole team to assist them.

– It wouldn’t have been possible to discuss solutions with the other providers. It’s very important that we have the option to call our bioinformaticians and ask them for further analysis. That’s not possible with only a software provider, says KCT Research Director Tuija Kekarainen.

Exceptional customer service

Kekarainen tells that communication with Genevia has worked out well since the beginning of the partnership. Genevia always has at least one person available to take a direct call. If the one answering isn’t the right person for the particular question, Genevia finds a person who is.

– That makes us feel important as customers. They are very trustworthy and truly interested in what we are doing.

The partnership hasn’t been without its challenges, but they have arisen from the fact that KCT scientists want to constantly know and learn more about bioinformatics.

– The challenges have been scientific. There have not been any challenges with communication or with how Genevia has done their work, Kekarainen reveals.

Scientists can focus on what they are best at

The partnership has worked so well that it’s easy to recommend the services of Genevia to other companies looking for help with bioinformatics.

– I don’t have to worry about bioinformatics because I can leave that to the professionals. At the same time, our scientists have learned a lot about bioinformatics and its possibilities. They can now utilize some minor bioinformatics tools in their daily work that Genevia has provided us with, Kekarainen says.

– Without Genevia it would be so much harder to start projects that require extensive bioinformatics support. I can really recommend their services. Why do it the hard way, when you have an easy way?

Learn more about the research from the published paper.

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