Fredrik Salmén

Scientific Project Manager

Fredrik is a bioinformatician with a multidisciplinary background in developing new spatial and single-cell transcriptomics methods. His track record in both developing and, through countless collaborations, applying new methods in different fields makes him an exceptional ‘omics scientist.

During his Ph.D., Fredrik and his colleague developed a spatial transcriptomics method that was later commercialized by 10x Genomics under the name Visium, now the gold standard for spatially resolved expression studies. During his postdoctoral training, Fredrik focused on single-cell transcriptomics, developing VASA-seq, a novel method for detecting total transcriptomes in single cells.

After his academic career, Fredrik worked for Single Cell Discoveries as an R&D consultant before joining Genevia Technologies. At Genevia, his passion for problem-solving, expertise in both wet-lab and computational methods, and exceptional skills in interdisciplinary communication are highly valued by customers and teammates alike.

When not analyzing data, Fredrik enjoys spending time with his son and exploring the outdoors, as well as visiting various water and theme parks. He also has a great passion for fixing, building, and riding motorcycles.