Giulia Barbiera

Scientific Project Manager

Giulia is a passionate bioinformatician with a robust background in both biology and data analysis. After completing her undergraduate studies in mathematics and biotechnology, she earned her PhD in computational biology at the University of Turin, where she focused on developing a pipeline to integrate MeDIP-seq and RNA-seq data.

With years of experience in academia at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Giulia has contributed to various projects concerning human diseases, particularly in immunology and cancer research. She has strong expertise in analyzing transcriptomics and epigenomics data, including the handling of multimodal datasets. Recently, she has specialized in the analysis of single-cell omics and spatial transcriptomics data.

What Giulia finds most fulfilling about her work is the opportunity to collaborate within a multidisciplinary environment, working alongside individuals with diverse backgrounds. She is consistently driven to discover optimal algorithms to address biological questions, making her transition to Genevia a natural progression in her career.

When not analyzing data or exploring new methodologies, Giulia enjoys biking, reading, and traveling.

Giulia Barbiera