Joana Viana

Scientific Project Manager

Joana was an academic before joining Genevia. Through collaborations with other academics she found out she was happier working on diverse scientific problems and providing the expertise in genomics to solve these. She loves anything related to epigenomics and gene regulation and her bread and butter is DNA methylation.

Her background is in molecular biology and for most of her career she spent as many hours in the lab as she did coding. She did her PhD in Psychiatric Epigenetics and was then awarded a UK Medical Research Council fellowship to work on (epi)genomics of brain development. She spent many hours in the lab troubleshooting nucleic acid extractions and sequencing libraries, which gives her unique insight into bioinformatics data resulting from such experiments. She has worked with human, mouse, rat, zebrafish and cell data.

When not behind a screen you will probably find her dancing salsa, reading, crochet, knitting or sewing.

Joana Viana

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