Maria Liivrand

Chief Research Officer

Maria joined Genevia’s project management team in December 2020 and comes with a broad experience in transcriptomics, both in bulk and single-cell methods. She has studied molecular and systems biology at the University of Luxembourg and holds a doctorate in biology. During her years in academia, she has focused on the role of microRNAs in cellular decision-making, gene regulatory networks in mesenchymal development, as well as leukaemia and cardiovascular disease onset.

The holistic approach that systems biology methods provide to reveal the regularities of molecular biology goes well with Maria’s love for nature. She is a life-long learner who wants to uncover how the networks connecting everything in nature emerge and is convinced that investigating molecular biology with the essential help of bioinformatics is the best method for that.

Maria is an organized person who loves working with well-planned projects and communicating with other scientists. In her free time, you will most probably find her enjoying fresh air outdoors biking or hiking!