Nicholas Kron

Scientific Project Manager

Nick is a marine biologist turned bioinformatician. With an education spanning many scales of biology, from the molecular to the ecological, and significant experience in both wet lab techniques and bioinformatic analysis, Nick collaborates effectively with bench scientists and bioinformaticians alike.

In his graduate studies at the University of Miami, Nick used transcriptomics to investigated brain aging at the cellular level, using neurons from the marine neural model Aplysia californica. In his first post-doc, Nick pivoted into the spheres of immunology and neurodegenerative disease by describing the immune repertoire of Aplysia and assessing its viability as a model for Alzheimer’s disease. Nick’s second post-doc saw him collaborating with several labs and expanding his research across the tree of life from viruses to algae, coral, and fish.

It was during this period that Nick came to understand that what he enjoyed most about his work: collaborating with other scientists, working on diverse scientific questions, and mastering new analytical techniques. Genevia was a natural fit for Nick, allowing him to provide maximal value to the scientific community while doing what he loves.

When not crunching data, you can find Nick experimenting in the kitchen, hiking in the wilderness, or catching a flight to somewhere new.

Nicholas Kron