Thomas Liuksiala

CMO, Scientific Project Manager

Nothing makes Thomas happier than finding the best painkiller for a researcher whose overwhelming, unanalyzed data are manifesting as a nagging headache—or at least as a bottleneck in a research project. He is the link between our technology team and our customers, finding the best bioinformatician to help the customer, and keeping our team up-to-date on the most burning topics in academic and industrial research. As part of his PhD studies, Thomas played with huge hematological data sets, using and developing approaches to visualize and analyze gene expression and genomic data. Fascinated by every step of progress in the field of computational biology, he’ll dive into speculative discussions on the future of life science research in which there is a computational solution to every problem. That said, he’ll dive into a conversation on just about anything else, too, with just about anybody. There doesn't seem to be a language that Thomas can't speak at least a bit—he is your modern-day Babel fish.

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Thomas Liuksiala


Bioinformatics for drug development