Genevia’s team keeps on expanding!

The Summer vacations are over, and the work continues at full speed. To support our growth, we are excited to announce that our team has been expanded by two future biotechnology professionals. At the end of August, Anni Kivinen joined our pre-sales team as a Business Development Associate, and Venla Kiminki started as a Content Specialist.

Anni is in her second year of bioinformatics master’s studies at Tampere University. She first got interested in biomedical sciences and biotechnology and got fascinated by the possibilities of personalized medicine. It was during her bachelor’s studies in biotechnology when she found out that data sciences are her thing – majoring in bioinformatics seemed like an obvious choice. After spending over a year in Matti Nykter’s computational biology research group as a research assistant, her belief that bioinformatics holds the answers to many modern-day problems got stronger. In Nykter’s group, Anni worked with TCGA and ICGC data and gained experience in not only about the computational side of cancer research and biological data analysis, but also communicating with scientists from all over the world thanks to the international environment of the group. The social bioinformatician-to-be she is, Anni most certainly is made for our pre-sales team. She brings us new energy and does nothing by halves!

Client work always comes first as the clients are what makes the company, meaning that prioritizing must be done. Thus, a need arose to find a person to take care of Genevia’s marketing actions, and most importantly, create appealing and engaging content for current and prospective clients. This is how Venla joined the team. For the past five and a half years she’s been working among marketing, finance and various other tasks in an international IT company. One thing that has been haunting in the back of her mind was the unfinished bachelor’s degree in biotechnology that she decided to pull together this Fall. The combination of marketing experience with biotechnical understanding is what makes her a match for Genevia, and Genevia a match for her. Venla started as a part-time content specialist and would love to fully concentrate on marketing once the bachelor’s degree is done and dusted.

Anni and Venla are here helping Genevia to grow; Anni with her can-do attitude and bioinformatics knowledge, and Venla with her marketing expertise combined with the desire to learn more. Both ladies share a sunny smile and are definitely people-persons – probably that’s what made these two bond at the very beginning of their studies at Tampere University. During their studies, they both were also members of the biotechnology student organization’s board, so working together is already familiar for them. In their free time, when these dog owners are not with their dogs, Anni plays volleyball, and Venla challenges herself at CrossFit.

We are absolutely excited to have these two to serve the needs of our clients – welcome Anni and Venla!